how do I connect to my mac using afp from kubuntu

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I have a kubuntu machine.

I want to connect to a mac using AFP.
I’ve installed the netatalk package in kubuntu.

Now what?

Let me clarify. My main desktop machine is a kubuntu system. I have some downloaded podcasts and music on a macmini that I want to access from my Kubuntu desktop. They are shared and available to other mac systems on the network. I’m just not sure how to access them from kubuntu


Found the answer here:

According to that page:

afpfs-ng is a client for the Apple
Filing Protocol (AFP) which will let
you mount and access shared volumes
from Mac OS X (or netatalk) to Linux,
BSD and Mac OS X systems.

Perfect, that’s what I am wanting!

Also install the avahi-daemon package. This is ‘Bonjour’ for Linux. It’ll help you go in the other direction as now your Kubuntu box will show up like so in the Finder:


Once this is done, restart both the netatalk and avahi-daemon services. Do this by opening a terminal and doing:

$ sudo service netatalk restart


$ sudo service avahi-daemon restart

Hope this helps.

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