How do I copy a link in Lynx?

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Problem :

I’d like to copy the current link to the system’s clipboard or write it to a file.

If it isn’t possible, I guess I’d have to settle with opening it in an external browser (which I was avoiding in the first place, thus using Lynx), and then copying the opened URL. :-/

Solution :

Press Shift+g to show the address of the current document, Shift+e to show the address of the selected link. You can copy the text with your mouse (or the keyboard, if your terminal supports that).

Press a to save the address of a document or link to a (Netscape-alike) bookmark file, by default ~/lynx_bookmarks.html. You can open this in a different browser, it’s just HTML.

Apparently, you can also use Ctrl + S to save the URL of the current page or the current link (at least on my version 2.8.8).

(Unfortunately, I’m currently getting an error “Copy to clipboard failed”, but maybe someone else is more lucky.)

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