How do i get automatic coloured nicknames in Macirssi?

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How do I get automatic coloured nicknames in Macirssi? I’ve found a script for irssi that kind-of works, but only has a few colours. But for Macirssi I can’t find anything.


If you are using OS X Lion you will need to use the development version (, you can get this from the MacIrssi Github downloads page. The current stable version,, does not have Perl support on Lion.

Once you have the right version:

  1. Install the script as per usual (place it in ~/.irssi/scripts/).
  2. Run /load perl (the perl interpreter has to be manually invoked or you will get an error that the ‘script’ command can not be found)
  3. Run /load (replacing nickcolor with the name of your script.

After that, any messages received should display the name in colour.

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