How do I move my My Documents, My Pictures, and My Videos to a different hard disk [duplicate]

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My 1 TB system disk (C:) is getting really full, and this is due to lots of pics and videos in my User folders. All this is being stored on C:, but I have just installed a new 2 TB hard drive, and I would like to have Windows move all this stuff to the new drive (K:). I know I can’t just highlight, cut and paste, but how is this supposed to be done?


Easy to do in Windows 7 and 8: Right-click the folder, e.g. My Documents, click on Properties, and in the Location tab, set the new location. You can put a link in the new location to the files in the C:…My Documents folder, or move the files to the new drive. See (also works on Windows 8).

You can accomplish this by using Windows Easy Transfer :

When I posted my comment above I had forgotten that I actually made a video tutorial long time ago that explains how to move the folders to another partition. Unfortunately I could not update my comment because of the 5 minute limit. But here is this video:

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