How do I reinstall Windows 7 through my backup?

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A few years ago I got Windows 7 off the official site through a special student discount. My HDD failed the other day and now I need to reinstall it.

This is what my backup looks like:

These are the files I have:

- expandedSetup
- DLMWin7HP64UK.exe
- Win7-HP-Retail-en-us-x64.exe

I’m not sure what I need to do to install it.


All being equal you can make a bootable ISO and then start the reinstall, but if your files have become corrupted you may have to contact Microsoft to re-download the system (if possible).

I give you a couple of different ‘How to’ websites and maybe more detail than you require.

The examples given are carried out on a Windows Machine.

To burn the ISO, IMGburn is a good burner.

I hope things work out.

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