How do I run “yum -y update” from Bash Script?

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Problem :

When I try to run “yum -y update” from a Bash script it doesn’t work.

Here is what the script looks like.

echo "--> Updating CentOS System"
yum -y update

I run the script with this command.


I get the following output.

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, refresh-packagekit, security
. Please use /usr/bin/yum --help.

Installed via text prompts.
I login as root from the text prompt then startx to get into the gui desktop.

But when I run the same command directly in the terminal it works?

I’ve googled around but not sure if I’m googling the correct terms.

Thanks for your help.

Solution :

Not sure why your script does not work, but my version worked fine. (I suspect it might be the first line):

#! /bin/bash

echo "--> Updating CentOS System"
yum -y update

Remember to chmod 755 the file, and you can just run it with the file name, no need to prepend it with “bash”.

I do note that when I tried to reproduce your problem I couldn’t (even though your first line is incorrect the script still worked for me). I wonder if there might have been a hidden typo in the key shell line ? Maybe try deleting it and re-adding it.

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