How do install Windows from a Ubuntu machine?

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On my laptop, I have Ubuntu running. Now I want to switch back to Windows Vista. Therefore I inserted my install CD and try to boot from the DVD device, but it seems as if the install CD is not recognized, because booting form DVD device is aborted and the normal Ubuntu is started.

Any hints why this? I don’t see an error message, I just notice that it is trying to boot from the DVD device but after a minute or so, Ubuntu is started nevertheless.


I would check three other things:

  1. Most of the Windows Installation disks require you to “Press any key to boot from CD…” Are you doing this and can you tell if it is recognizing your keyboard.
  2. You say it is trying to boot from the installation device, but can you see anything on the screen pertaining to the actual installation?
  3. Some manufacturers of laptops allow you to select the boot device by pushing a key at the right time (e.g. on Dell, you can push <F2> to go to Setup or <F12> to directly select a boot device. I would see if your manufacturer does this, and try that as well.

Hmm, have you tried going to the bios and checking if boot from DVD is enabled? Are you sure the install CD is bootable and not damaged?

EDIT: have you tried another bootable CD?

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