How do you disable autoscrolling? [duplicate]

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Problem :

On a page with scrollbars, when I press the middle mouse button, I get a “tool” to scroll the page by moving my mouse.

scroll tool

How do you completely disable this functionality? I only activate it by mistake and it is never what I want.

I’ve read suggestions to disable this feature in the control panel, but my SetPoint settings are already set to treat the button as a “Generic Button”. I also don’t have the option to define set up application-specific profiles as mentioned in the Google+ post linked above.

enter image description here

Solution :

Most mice have this as a configurable setting. Go to Control Panel and search mouse. Click ‘Change mouse settings’

For my Arc mouse I can launch a setting panel to configure the operation of the various buttons. The wheel button can be changed to options like browser back or disabled completely. You don’t specify a specific mouse brand but most should have options like this.


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