How does cached text from web pages on laptop browser be displayed in an app on phone, without user initiation?

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Problem :

I was trying to make samba server accessible between my linux host and qemu-kvm run Windows 10 VM. Among the many pages i visited, This “ was one of them. Once done with work, i closed my Windows 10 VM and started watching a movie on my phone (Android). A bit into the movie, my google translate app pops-up, i opened to see this text “Set Services LanmanServer Parameters Size (set to 3) Alternatively, start Command Prompt in Admin Mode and execute the following:” which i remembered reading on the page posted earlier on my laptop browser. I am confused as to how, texts from a page i visited be opening up in an app popup?

could someone explain how this happened?

edit: Seems I had copied the text.

Solution :

I found out why this happened. I have KDE connect installed, both on my android phone and on my Linux laptop, with share clipboard plugin enabled. So when i copy texts on to the clipboard of my laptop, it gets sent to the phone. And any copy “text” action on my phone opens-up the google translate app pop-up on the screen, which is a feature. Hence as soon as the clipboards are synced, google translate pops up.

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