How to automatically add bookmarks to Google Chrome?

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Problem :

I have a text file that has a lot of bookmarks in text form. It looks something like this

$ cat bookmarks
  • I want all these bookmarks to be saved in my Chrome browser. How can I do it without having to open each page in the browser and adding it as a bookmark manually?

    I tried importing this text file from the Import Bookmarks option, but it doesn’t work.

    Is there some good way of doing this?

  • Also, it would be awesome if I can update the bookmarks for example by adding the url at the end of the bookmarks file and then resyncing.

  • I am using Chrome on Ubuntu, so any Linux tricks/hacks for doing this are also fine.

Solution :

I don’t use Chrome, but since you feel comfortable with Linux tricks/hacks, why don’t you:

  1. Export bookmarks from Chrome’s Bookmarks Manager
  2. Study the format of the file and its entries
  3. Transform your text file into this format
  4. Import the file

I would suggest making first a try with importing one bookmark address using a hand-crafted file, just to validate the concept.

Google Chrome for Linux stores bookmarks in JSON file located in ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/Bookmarks. You probably can transform your line-by-line list to JSON format using linux shell commands. I hope it helps a bit.

You may be able to use Xmarks web interface to add bookmarks programmatically.

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