How to browse Windows XP from Mac Finder when name disappears from finder

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Occasionally, like right at this moment, I cannot access my windows share from my mac.

Normally, it works, but every now and then, the computer name won’t be displayed under SHARED in Finder. Rebooting the windows computer usually fixes this, but it’s inconvenient. The Windows computer can see the Mac on the network.

Is there a method of asking finder to poll for windows shares again, or “forcing” finder to look for “desktop”? I’m looking for the equivalent of desktop in the address bar of a Windows computer.

Thanks for the help.


I encounter Windows machines which occasionally stop sharing their network drives and usually need to be rebooted to fix this. On the Windows machine, you can try the following commands which work for me once in a while:

net stop server
net start server

This will stop and restart the service that controls sharing network paths.

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