How to change IPv4 Address on Public Wi-Fi?

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Problem :

I have two computers running Windows 10 that are connected to my Hotel’s Wi-Fi. I am working on a project that requires both computers to be connected to the same Hotel router, i.e. the “host” part of their IPv4 Address is the same. If one computer has the IPv4 address is it possible to force my other computer to connect to the same router? So that its IPv4 address is 172.40.4.xx. Trial and error solutions are acceptable, e.g. connecting to random routers until both computers are on the same router. I can’t seem to change the router at all, though.

Solution :

I’m assuming these computers are not next to each other so they are connecting to different Wifi networks or hotspots.

the “host” part of their IPv4 Address is the same.

The way to make this happen over two distinct networks you don’t control–such as public Wifi or a cellular hotspot–is to use a VPN – as in a VPN that provides a virtual network adapter.

Once both devices are connected to the same VPN, you’ll be on the same network. There could be some limitations depending on what you are trying to do and the type of VPN you use.

A service like Hamachi might work.

There are ways to do this yourself if you want to get into setting up a dynamic DNS and a VPN server like OpenVPN, but it can be very involved.

You could do an IP scan using Advanced IP Scanner. It is free and safe. I use it all the time.

Configure it to scan the network computer 1 is on-> find an available IP address-> configure computer 2 to use the available address, subnet mask and default gateway. That will put both computers on the same network.

There MAY be some restrictions that will not allow you to scan the network, but I would give it a try

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