How to change language from finnish to english in windows 7 home premium

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I bought the windows 7 home premium edition here in finland and i have installed in finnish hoping that i can change the language later to english. Iam surprised to see that i dont have option to change the language. I didnt see ‘Display Language’ in Region and Language’. Can any one know how to to change the language to english. Please help


Bad news: the ability to change languages by installing language packs in Windows 7 is not available in the Home Premium edition. From the relevant article on Windows 7 Center: “This feature is only available in Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate.”

You could do an Anytime Upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate and then change the language to English. Not sure if Anytime Upgrade is available in Finland.

You could also try borrowing Windows 7 Home Premium English media and using your product key.

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