How to change the default color of the Command Prompt?

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Problem :

I want to change the color scheme of the command prompt in Windows, ideally a default of 0a (green color on black background).

How can I change this?

Solution :

Open a Command Prompt, click the icon (top-left), select Properties.

alt text

Choose Colors, adjust to taste. It will ask you if you want to save the colour for future settings – choose yes.

alt text

Using the Command Prompt type regedit to open the Windows Registry, then set the following entry to the color combination you prefer (DefaultColor):

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Command Processor/
Set DefaultColor to 0a

Go to a command prompt and type help color then press ENTER.

You can also select the command prompt icon and change its properties.

@reg add "hkcusoftwaremicrosoftcommand processor" /v defaultcolor /t reg_dword /d 0xa /f

put it inside a .bat file and execute it, or type straight in command prompt
it will make default shell (cmd.exe) color green for current user
to roll back, change 0xa back to 0


it’s based on ArceBrito‘s answer, i just couldn’t comment

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