How to conditional format ONLY the first row that meets a condition?

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I have an amortization table with a date next to each row. How do I highlight ONLY the first row that is a larger date than today’s date?

Let’s say the date column starts at A13. Obviously this…


Would highlight EVERY row that is a date later than today.

I’ve been racking my brain since yesterday and came up with absurdly complex logic trees that almost achieve what I want, but so complex that I’m certain there MUST be a better way.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


using A13 as the start of the column:


This will now highlight only the first instance where the date is greater than or equal to today.

enter image description here

The newer MINIIFS should be able to do this.

=$a13=minifs($a:$a, $a:$a, “>=”&today())

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