How to copy files between windows 7 computers using username and password?

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I want to copy files from a windows PC (e.g. to another windows PC. I am able to log in to the windows machine I want to copy files from using username and password (via remote desktop).

On the net I found robocopy, which uses [net use][2] to make the connection, or whatever (not clear on the purpose of net use). On the remote machine I want to copy files from I created a shared folder with network path “alexData”, and so I tried to use net use in the following way:

net use m: \alexData password /user:alex
net use m: \ password /user:alex

But in both cases no network path is being found:

System Error 53 Has Occurred. 

The network path was not found. 

According to the documentation given, I seem to use net use correctly. So how can I fix the error I am getting?

Or maybe there is another (preferrrably simpler) way to copy files from one windows PC to another, using username and password to log in?


Right Click on the folder (which you want to copy from one PC to another PC ) > Properties > Advanced Sharing > Share the folder

login to other computer go to Network here it will show your first computer Just double click it will ask for user name and password of first computer Just give it and open. It will show shared files and you can copy.

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