How to copy select cells in column from Excel speadsheet

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When I select specific cells within a column, Excel ends up copying the entire range of cells instead of just the ones I selected. I am using CTRL + LEFT MOUSE ClICK to select the cells. How do I copy the data just from the selected cells.


It is not possible the way you try it. You can use the Clipboard, copy several fields/ranges one after the other and then paste them all in at once.

There are Addins that provide that feature though. In the source below Kutools is mentioned.


Your cells are locked – thats what happened to me. Under format cells, go under the protection tab and make sure the ‘Locked’ box is NOT ticked. That should solve it.

I have a possible answer for you, but this solution only works if you are pasting directly into another (or the same) excel sheet. When pasting the selected values, right click where you wish to paste the values and select “Paste Special > Values”.

Not only does this only paste the selected cells without the “in-betweens”, it also removes blanks and compressses the selection without spaces.

I would suggest doing this and then moving it to whatever other document you might be using.

Try making sure the workbook is in Editable mode. If you loaded it directly from an email attachment or it’s not “Trusted” and it opens in read only mode, then it will behave like this. When you multi-select cells/rows/columns it will include the unselected columns in between those selected when you cut or copy. If the workbook is editable (not in read only mode) then it will behave as you intend and only cut/copy the selected cells.

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