How to copy text from Console2?

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I just started using Console2 as an alternative to cmd.exe

I can’t figure out how to copy text from the console to the clipboard — dragging over it with the mouse won’t mark anything, and there is no option in the right-click menu to “mark” as in cmd.exe

It must be terribly obvious but I guess I’m overlooking it… 🙁


Open Console2 menu Edit -> Settings, and in the Hotkeys / Mouse settings configure the selection and copy actions. The defaults are a bit wonky.

I use:

  • Left mouse button = select
  • Ctrl+C = copy
  • Ctrl+V = paste
  • ESC = clear selection

Make sure you press ‘Assign’ after each change you make otherwise it won’t take effect.

Last note: Beware if you use ESC or Ctrl+V in vim, or in any other app.

Holding SHIFT and marking the text should do the trick (at least for me). After this just click Edit -> Copy

Console2’s key and mouse assignment is a bit funky. Here’s how to actually make left_click == select text:

  1. Open the Edit->Settings->Hotkeys->Mouse submenu.
  2. Select the “Select text” item. Then change the “Button:” line to be “Left” and un-check all three Modifiers boxes.
  3. Then click “Assign” – without this step none of your changes will actually take effect.

You can also just configure Select Text: Left Mouse Button

and then enable “Copy on select” on the “Behavior” tab under settings.

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