How to create a cell link sequence in excel?

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I am creating a linking sequence in a row in Excel, which refers to another row in the sheet. When I drag the cells to copy the sequence to the next coming cells, it doesn’t follow the same sequence.


For example, in the above picture, I created a link sequence in three cells, but when I copied the same to the 4th cell (j), it didn’t pick the same sequence. Please help me with this.


Here is what I came up with. It’s somewhat simplistic, but it should work as you wish. You’ll obviously have to change the cell reference for your specific sheet.

You should paste it in the cell D4. Make sure you set A4 = A1 and then past the code below in the cell two columns over, then copy and paste the formula every two columns. It should work the same if you want to do every other cell as well. I showed both examples below. When you copy the entire cell, not just formula and paste it, should work as planned.


enter image description here

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