How to delete all files except some specific file (for many folders in a directory)? via bash script

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Problem :

So I have a Master folder that contains about 800 sub-folders (eg. 1,2,3…) which contains many files but I want to delete everything else except the file that ends with *tsv.
Is there a way to do this via a bash script?

Master Folder

Folder #1

  • sample.txt
  • sample2.txt
  • test.tsv
  • sample.tsv

Folder #2

  • sample.txt
  • sample2.txt
  • test.tsv
  • sample.tsv

and so on..

Thank you in advance.

Solution :


You can use this command:

find . ! -name '*.tsv' -type f -exec rm -f {} +

This command will delete all files except the files that match the pattern after -name flag ('*.tsv' in this case). All folders will be preserved.

(Answer adapted from this post.)


I made it work with this command:

for /R %f in (*.*) do @echo %f | findstr /v ".tsv" | for /f %f in ('more') do @del "%f"

There are probably more elegant ways, but it does the job.

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