How to disable browser audio?

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I use Google Chrome for Windows.
How to disable or mute Flash audio?


If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, you can mute individual programs in the mixer:

Windows mixer, allowing per-application volume settings

Chrome Toolbox allows to mute (Alt+W). So does an AddOn named MuteTab for Chrome.

Ah, this one is a @#$%^. I remember there was an addon for firefox to do this,, it also points to this link,, however this isn’t for chrome. WOOT got it, try this post, which implements the above method for chrome. If it doesn’t work, I know that if you have windows 7 (maybe vista) you can expand the volume mixer and control volume on a per-application basis, so you could theoretically mute chrome alone, although that might not be what you want. Good luck!

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