How to easily transfer tabs from one PC to another?

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Problem :

I’m logged in with the same Chrome account at two laptops sitting next to each other. Often I want to transfer tabs/windows from one to the other. I could copy&paste the URLs to a .txt file, then use Homegroup sharing to access that .txt from the other PC and copy&paste the URLs into the browser there, but that’s inconvenient.

Any easy way to do it?

Solution :

  1. Open the History tab: you can use Command+y on Mac (I guess that Super+y on Linux/BSD and Win)
  2. On the left side you should see “Tabs from other devices” — click it

On the source machine:

  1. Right click on a tab, and select “Bookmark all tabs…
  2. Enter a name for the new folder that will be created containing a bookmark for each open tab
  3. Pick a location in your bookmarks tree

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On the destination machine:

  1. Find the new folder, named above (it can take some time you sync)
  2. Right click on the folder, and select “Open all bookmarks
  3. Delete the folder if you don’t want to keep it

enter image description here

You have two solutions :

1 If you only use Chrome on both devices, and do not need to transfer tabs from Chrome to another browser, then TabCloud could work. Also if you are connected to your google account on both Chrome browsers you may be able to see the tabs opened on other devices via the chrome menu>History (Source)

2 If you use multiple browsers : Surfon seems to fit the bill



You can create a shared folder, attach that as a toolbar on the taskbar for both laptops, and then you can drag the tab into the taskbar folder, which will create a shortcut with the URL, and then you can drag it from the taskbar to chrome. Delete the shortcut afterwards to keep things tidy.

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