How to enable miredo UPnP-Enabled Symmetric NAT Extension

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Problem :

I have linux mint and miredo installed on both machines.
Both machines are behind symmetric NAT. Routers have UPnP enabled.

Does miredo support upnp routers?
How to enable UPnP-Enabled Symmetric NAT Extension?

Solution :

It seems that miredo don’t support UPnP. Check the todo list.

   1 ToDo list:
   2 ===========
   4 This task list is only indicative; in particular priorities are typically
   5 not quite respected and often modified. It might not be fully comprehensive.
   6 If you have an idea, please submit it to the miredo-devel mailing list.
   8 (!) must be done before next release
   9 (*) must be done before stable release
  10 ( ) should probably be done someday if one finds time and interest
  11 (?) should be evaluated for usefulness and/or feasibility first
  12 (H) should be done, but a capable volunteer is required
  14 Important features & fixes:
  15 ----------------------------
  16 (*) do something in case of DoS against the peers list
  17 ( ) fixed TODOs and FIXMEs in source code
  19 Not so important features:
  20 ---------------------------
  21 (H) other localizations
  22 ( ) support for UPnP IGD to open an UDP port on supporting NATs
  23 ( ) support for (Apple) NAT-PMP
  24 (?) “automatic sunset” / “exit strategy”

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