How to enter safe-mode from command-line in Windows 8.1

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Problem :

I would like to enter safe-mode in the next booting but only using command-line.

By using GUI, what I typically do is to run msconfig and choose safe-boot option in the menu.

Without this GUI button-clicking, I would like to just write the command and boot into safe-mode in the next boot. Is there a way for doing this?

PS. I tried

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

but it does not work in Windows 8.1

Solution :

This will build the safe mode entries.

bcdedit /set "{default}" bootmenupolicy legacy
bcdedit /set "{default}" safeboot minimal
bcdedit /copy "{default}" /d "Windows Safe Mode"
bcdedit /set "{default}" safeboot network
bcdedit /copy "{default}" /d "Windows Safe Mode with Networking"
bcdedit /set "{default}" safebootalternateshell yes
bcdedit /copy "{default}" /d "Windows Safe Mode with Command Prompt"
bcdedit /deletevalue "{default}" safebootalternateshell
bcdedit /deletevalue "{default}" safeboot
bcdedit /timeout 5

Here is the result.

enter image description here

For more info.

I could not find a fully command line way to do it, however doing shutdown /r /o will get you to the menu where you can choose to reboot to safemode from the command line.

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