How to enter user and password for WebDAV server on LibreOffice?

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Problem :

I am trying to configure a NextCloud WebDAV remote location on LibreOffice Writer 7.0 following these instructions:

I am using the snap package on Linux Mint.

Despite correctly enabling Use LibreOffice dialogs and introducing the host, port 443, check secure connection, label, and root, after clicking “Ok” I don’t get prompted for introducing my username and password, I don’t see a list of files, and in general it’s not clear what to do.

I also don’t understand why the instructions mention “Website Certified by an Unknown Authority”. I use a remote host that’s perfectly verified with Let’s Encrypt.

I tried to see if I could launch LibreOffice Writer with some sort of logging or debugging information, but I don’t have that much patience to setup gdb, compile a debugging build and so forth.


Solution :

Despite what the documentation says, I managed to get the user/pass prompt when saving the file to that remote location.

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