How to extract such a compressed file?

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I have been asked to extract a ZIP file having in it 3 tar files and each tar file contains around 3000 gz files.

I had to extract the main ZIP file first then extract the tar files second then extract the gz files which took a time for me.

Is there a way to extract such file with one click?
I am using Windows and probably the file was compressed using a linux


I’m not aware of a “one-click” solution, but 7-Zip ( is always my go-to applicaion in Windows for extracting archives. It supports all the formates you lised in your question.

A quick search for “7-zip recursive extract” led me straight to this answer here: If you feel confident enough with command-line scripting, you might be able to apply that answer to your archive.

See this

Custom script to unzip recursively

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