How to find home router’s port number?

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Problem :

I can’t access my router. I have the IP, but I don’t know the port number, and I can’t access it without it.

  1. If anyone knows a way to override, and access without port number, please say.

  2. Up till now I was (and am) accessing router by reading up the port number in ‘Windows File Explorer’ > ‘Network’ > ‘Network Infrastructure’ section, but the problem is that section is not always there. It is randomly present in the ‘Network’ screen. ‘Computer’, and other devices are always there, but ‘Network Infrastructure’ section is simply random. How do I get it to always show up?

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Solution :

Try or as ceejay recommended also Check this

Could you enter netstat -a in command prompt? When you see your IP address, the router’s IP and port number should be to the right in the foreign address column.

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