How to forbid particular windows update?

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I have original Windows 7 Ultimate but a month before I have started to see the following message on every PC turn on:

On this computer not original copy of windows is installed

After some reading I have found the following discussion telling that this issue is caused by particular windows update:

So far it seems that uninstalling kb971033 solved the problem of the
warning window popping up. It was becoming quite a nuisance.

I have uninstalled the update and the pop up stop to come up. Now, a week after, the update is installed again and I get the same message. Some people told me to disable my updates but why I should do this, after I have bought my windows and want support?

So, my questions is is there a way to forbid only this update of being installed?


Set the Install type to “Notify Before Download” and when you see the update, make a right click on it and select “Hide update”. Now Windows ignores the update.

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