How to freeze the list of processes in htop?

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Problem :

I’d like to stop refreshing the list of processes. My problem is it refreshes itself too often.

How can I do it? I use htop.

Solution :

Most easy way is suspending the terminal with CTRLS, and unfreezing with CTRLQ while htop or any other flowing display is running. (Thanks to Keith for this reminder of easy tip)

Also, you can change refresh interval with putting -d key before running the htop for example:

# htop -d 100

The number 100 indicates the delay between updates, in tenths of seconds. You can change the refresh interval as you like. But there is no pausing support for now.

Alternatively, you can use screen capture tools for freezing the moment in graphical interface if you are on any desktop environment. In the short hand you can press PrtScr key at any time. Or you can install and use any kind of screenshot or screen recorder applications.

As Keith said:

  • Ctrl + S Freezes the terminal. (You cannot interact with htop afterwards.)

  • Ctrl + Q Unfreezes the terminal again.

Use Z key inside of htop. Z: pause/resume process updates (from htop help F1). You will still be able to select processes.

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