How to get a bootlog when I cannot boot into Windows 7?

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Problem :

Here’s my puzzle: I cannot boot my Windows 7 VM — it gets stuck on the startup screen with the pretty pulsing windows icon. I can get into safemode ok. I believe if I could only get to the bootlog for the normal startup that I could figure out what’s preventing startup.

Now, whenever I reset I get to the menu with the several safemode options, last known configuration, or start windows normally.

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But none of them have the option to bootlog like for example XP did.

So I found that I could go into safemode and use msconfig.exe to turn Boot logging on (see

However, the trouble is that if I then restart windows normally, I presume it creates the bootlog. But then the only way I can view it is to start into safemode. And after starting safemode the bootlog is for the safemode startup, not for the previous normal startup.

How can I get a bootlog created for the normal startup, and then actually view it?

Solution :

Hit F8 to get bootlogging, not F5.

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