How to get a network path using net use, without having to map the path to a drive

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So for example I have a network path \MY-PCFolder. I want a random PC in the network to just boot up and directly type net use to find the network path \MY-PCFolder without having to first map it to a drive and then type net use to get the path.

It would be a hassle to map a specific path for every computer if there are a lot of computers connected to the same network.

For some reason it once worked but then stopped working, with the Local being empty.

Status       Local     Remote                    Network

OK                     \KAZEM-PCShared         Microsoft Windows Network
The command completed successfully.


Ok so I solved it by just typing net view which doesn’t actually show you the full path, but at least shows you the main server path as in \SERVER-PC which is still very helpful.

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