How to get full screen in Chrome?

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Problem :

I just bought a new Windows 8 laptop and so far I’m really happy with it. But for some reason my Google Chrome is missing a full-screen feature. I have the latest version, it just isn’t there.

Please note, this question is similar but my issue is that the full screen option doesn’t appear, at all (in either the metro mode or normal mode).

Solution :

The full screen shortcut is F11

The reason this may happen is, it tries to set up the browser as an app (or Chrome tries to behave like an app) (which has different behaviours in regards to minimize/maximize, hence why no option to change screen size for example amongst other things)! So we have to tell Windows 8 (or at least Chrome) that it needs to be treated as a program. Click the menu button (the one with the three vertical lines) and then click Relaunch Chrome on the desktop.

Remember Chrome will remember the mode you last used and will reopen in the same mode. For example, if you exit Chrome from your desktop, when you launch Chrome the next time, Chrome will open on your desktop even if you launch Chrome from the Start Screen.

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