How to go up a directory in Finder?

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I’m coming from windows were there is a designated button to do this. Just click it and you can go “up” a directory.

I can no find a way to do this in macOS using Finder.

I’m running macOS – Mojave.

I’m using Finder 10.14.4.

Screeenshot hosted on Imgur per SuperUser


Though I don’t usually use keyboard shortcuts CommandOption will move you up one directory in icon view.

There is also a back arrow but that takes you back in your directory tree history.

If you open a Finder window, near the bottom is the list of the window’s directory structure. See the image below.

enter image description here

Double-Click on any of the folders/directories in the list and Finder will go to that location.

Command will move up a directory without opening a new tab in finder.

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