How to highlight boundaries of an array in Excel?

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I’d like to know if there’s a way to make excel show me where are the boundaries of an array, like the highlight I made in the picture below.

boundaries highlight

Some explanation: I have a worksheet that is full of arrays everywhere, and sometimes I have to insert a line (or column) in the original table, that should be reflected in the array and all formulas that depend on it. After some experimenting, I figured out the best way to keep consistency is to use the insert line/column, because it automatically shifts all formulas. But to insert a line in the middle of the array, I first have to “destroy” it, then insert the line, and then rebuild it. Having excel show me the highlights would really make this job easier.



Also, you can choose all the array pressing Ctrl+/ (Ctrl-slash) when selecting just any cell of the array.

Ok, I figured it out. If I edit any cell in the array ([F2]) and then I confirm it with CSE (Ctrl+Shift+Enter), Excel automatically selects the entire array.

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