How to I make a shared Linux folder a mapped network drive?

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Problem :

I have a Raspberry Pi running Debian. I would like to make a directory a mapped network drive accessible by other PCs connected to my home network. The directory is: /home/user/Public

The Public folder has view and access content available to anyone. However, when I try to map the folder on Windows computer-ipuserPublic or Chromebook //computer-ip/user/Public it says it can’t be accessed.

I know I’m missing something here. How can I get other computers to access the Raspberry Pi on the same local network?


Solution :

You’ll need to install and configure Samba, which implements the SMB protocol used by Windows.

One note: unless you have some really old Windows machines–before Windows Vista–I would disable SMBv1 on Samba for better performance and security.

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