How to implement a secure personal web browser on an office PC?

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Problem :

My employer has a thankfully enlightened view regarding web usage during working hours and I would prefer to remain signed into my own personal web pages that I will view during quiet periods or during lunch hours.

What I would like to do is guard against either accidental or intentional access to my own personal information.

Previously, I’ve been running an instance of Lubuntu in a Virtual Box with a minimal amount of memory which pretty much just runs Chromium and nothing else. This virtual instance is locked via a screensaver which kicks in after 60 seconds to lock the screen.

This has been working fine but it would be nice to have a separate private browser to which only I have access. The enormous memory requirements of Visual Studio 2010 also make it necessary to claw back as much memory as possible!

I have Google Chrome installed on my office PC and I thought that I might be able to download and install Chromium as the two seem to be happy to co-exist on the same machine (I would much prefer to keep using Chrome, although I would possibly consider other browsers)

Unfortunately all of the Extensions I’ve found either lock single tabs at a time (not ideal) or don’t seem to work at all.

Any suggestions as to an alternative approach?

Solution :

Have you considered taking the browser off the ‘machine’ and leaving it on a pendrive such as The World Browser? Actually, anything under the Secure Internet Browsers section of pendriveapps would do quite nicely

You can also find standard portable versions of most browsers at

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