How to improve boot performance of PCs with Windows OS

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Years ago I was using a Microsoft program called BootVis.exe to optimize and improve boot performance of my PCs. It was successful in decreasing the opening time of Windows XP. Now I have machines with Windows XP and Windows 7. Is BootVis still being used? What free tool should I use to improve the boot performance?


I think will help you.

BootVis is apparently no longer available from Microsoft, likely because it didn’t work that well, and considering the number of people that complained that a free software did not speed up their computer (even though it said it might not…) Anyways, it is still available from other sources, like and Softpedia (though I tend to shy away from such sites). It, however, does not appear to be designed to work with Windows 7. If you really care about the few tenths of a second, try running it in a VM, just to make sure it doesn’t make the boot process slower.

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