How to indicate an array range in Excel using formulas?

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I want to indicate a range of an array in rows and columns, but I don’t want to have to type one by one, is there any way to indicate the array row and column using the formulas: “ROW ()” AND “COL () ?? because it is hard work to type the range manually, the matrix has to be of the type that is in the image. I tried to indicate the ranges and could not get the correct sequence of numbers, okay?

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adjusted for the language base of your copy of Excel.

The difficulty for your desire is the hard-to-define-a-pattern for reducing the results of the row and column values you are adding. In the simple version shown in the picture, just subtracting 13, say, gives {12;23… instead of {12;34…

You need a reducing amount to subtract so you need to keep reducing the “13” by 1 for each row you carry the formula down. Subtracting the rising quantity ROW()-11 does this.

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