How to interpolate a general formula from a set of data in excel?

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I am making an experiment and I got the following results as X and Y. I also draw them in excel and it seems they Y vs X as linear. How can I interpolate a general function F(X) so that I can get the value of the function at any other X value? I do not know if that is doable in excel
Here are the X and Y results
Here are excel drawing


Since your correlation is linear you can just use SLOPE and INTERECEPT to get the Equation for Linear trending:

y = SLOPE() * x + INTERCEPT()

So the formula would be


enter image description here

You can also insert a scatter plot and plot the trend line showing the formula, which will put the formula on the plot.

enter image description here

As you can see the formulas in E5:E6 return the same numbers as the trend line formula on the graph.

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