How to move existing Linux installation to USB flash drive and make it bootable?

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Problem :

Is there any possibility to move my already installed Ubuntu Linux to the USB flash drive and make it bootable. So that it would boot on the other machine?

P.S. I have an installed Ubuntu Karmic (9.10) Linux installed on my machine. I want to make it portable, to move it with all installed packages and tuned software to a USB flash drive.

Solution :

Although I did not do it myself, I would try recommend the following:

  • Get yourself a USB stick (16G or more) with the base Ubuntu, and set it up with the appropriate partition. If you’re using the default Ubuntu disk partitioning (everything under /), that should be easy.

  • Copy all files form all directories to the UST stick

  • run grub-install on the new device, such as /dev/sdb1:

    cd /boot/grub
    grub-install /dev/sdb

You should be able to boot from your new USB stick.

Not easily. If i were doing it, i’d do a two step process – move my install to a live cd with remastersys, then install it to a liveusb with some livecd to usb tool

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