How to pack a hard drive

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I need to take a hard drive on a 3hr car drive tomorrow, and I don’t have any antistatic bags/bubblewrap.

What’s the best way to pack an hard drive for a car trip without antistatic bags/bubblewrap so it doesn’t break?


Wrap some rubber bands around it and then put it in a sock and then wrap it in a towel. You may want to destatic the towel and sock using this method

Make sure you secure it (like in the dashboard compartment). And don’t crash.

Wrapping it in newspaper or bubble-wrap inside a box should be fine.

If you wrap the drive and then cushion it in a briefcase and store it so it can’t slide off the seat it should be fine.

For further travel arrangements you may consider the Fortress Ultra-Rugged Hard Drive:

enter image description here

Safeguard your data from a drop-height of 7 feet onto concrete!

Something I must get myself now after the ‘”Big Freeze” in Ireland!

enter image description here

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