How to remove near-duplicate links from Chrome’s Omnibox auto-suggestions

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Problem :

I’m mainly using, and in this question specifying, Chrome (current version as of writing: 63.0.3239.84). In Chrome I visit sites, for example Reddit, and if I enter:

The Omnibox automatically suggests both:, and

Screenshot of Google Chrome showing near-duplicate entries in the Omnibox suggestions

This is, admittedly a minor issue but it does result in suggestions taking up more space than (seems) necessary; is there any way to prevent either one of those suggestions – with, or without, the trailing / character – appearing in the suggestions?

Solution :

When you have the suggestions drop-down appearing like the example in your image, use the keyboard arrow keys to highlight the autocomplete entry you want removed and either:


to delete the entry from appearing as a possible autocomplete value.

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