How to request a specific IP address from DHCP server?

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How to request a specific IP address from DHCP server?

This question also touches the topic of DHCP address reservation in a router.

Background: My home routers DHCP table only allows to create an IP address reservation of an assigned IP. It does not let me edit the table and manually assign the device an arbitrary IP for the next renew.


using the linux program dhclient.

If you don’t have linux installed, you can use a bootable Linux live CD.

[edit] If you do this trick to create an address reservation for an actual Windows machine, first switch the NIC in Windows to a static IP, because after a reboot in DHCP mode Windows may send a DHCP request with its last used IP, which would annihilate your efforts with dhclient below…

The trick is to send a DHCP request with your desired IP address from the same NIC (or better: same MAC address).

Edit the /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf and add the following line (you might have to first copy the file to a writeable location if booting from a CD):

send dhcp-requested-address;

Then stop and start dhclient as user root, where your NIC is eth0 (check by issuing ip addr show beforehand)

dhclient -r -v
dhclient -4 -d -v -cf /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf eth0

If successfull, your DHCP server will fulfill your prepared request. Sometimes you will have to delete the device entry in the DHCP table before issuing dhclient -4 -d ....

Then make that device IP address in the DHCP table of the router a fix address reservation. This will associate the IP to the MAC of the device and return the same IP everytime a DHCP request with that MAC address is encountered in the future.

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