How to resolve the speed and video streaming issue in google chrome

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Problem :

I have got latest chrome installed in windows platform. The youtube videos are not coming properly, There is voice distortion and the pages are loading bit slow. scrolling is not smooth and It will take some time to display the search results also.

When i opened the Task manager, there were many “chrome.exe” processes (had opened one tab)

How to resolve this issue.

Solution :

The most likely scenario is your operating system running out of resources, and/or memory leak in Chrome.

Try to restart Chrome. If you wish to restore your current browsing session, click on the Chrome options icon on the top-right (the last button after the address/omnibar) -> Settings -> On startup -> Continue where I left off. Then, click on the Chrome options icon again, and Exit. When you relaunch Chrome again, your session will be restored and stale system resources freed.

Another likely performance problem is the Youtube HTML5 trial. If you see You are currently in the HTML5 trial., click on Leave the HTML5 Trial.

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