How to Rotate a Window’s Orientation?

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It’s fairly easy to rotate the entire desktop’s orientation on MS Windows. However, I’m looking for a way to rotate a single window’s orientation. Are there any easy tricks to do this?


Assuming you have several monitors and you can rotate one of them, you could always use Magnifier with a magnification of 1 to copy the active window to a different monitor.

You cannot rotate each application window individually, however, if you have multiple monitors you can rotate each one in a different orientation. This way, you can move the application that needs to be in portrait orientation, for example, and keep it on the portrait oriented screen. Keep the windows you wish to be in normal orientation on the screen with normal orientation.

If you have NVIDIA graphics card, NVIDIA Control Panel allows this:

enter image description here

Even though my computer doesn’t use it, I am pretty sure ATI’s Catalyst Control Center also has this feature.

A third party application called iRotate also allows individual window rotation and is free:

iRotate is a free screen rotation utility, providing administrators,
end-users and manufacturers of pivoting monitors with a standardized,
simple mechanism to control screen orientation across multiple
monitors, operating systems and graphics cards.

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