How to run a command line script every Friday at 3:00 AM automatically?

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I currently use SWFTools via command line on my computer. I have two commands that I want to run every Friday at 3:00 AM automatically. However, I want to run the two scripts in a specific order. This is what I have:

At 3:00 AM on Friday I want to run this first:

.swfcombine -o "C:users****My Documents************.swf" --dummy -y 50 "C:users****My Documents********.swf"

Then this:

.swfrender "C:users****My Documents************.swf" -o "C:users****My Documents********.png"

How can I make this happen automatically? Any help would be highly appreciated!


Use Task Scheduler on a Windows system.

Create Basic Task Wizard:
Trigger: Weekly
Recur every: 1 weeks on:
X Friday

Start a program

Put your two lines into a bat file, then put that file into your “Start a Program”.

Your bat file might look something like this:

REM This program first combines then renders swf files as png 
"C:Pathtoswfcombine" -o "%USERPROFILE%Pathto****.swf" --dummy -y 50 "%USERPROFILE%Pathto****.swf"
.swfrender "%USERPROFILE%Pathto****.swf" -o "%USERPROFILE%Pathto****.png"

In Windows 8, the task scheduler looks like this:
Windows 8 Task Scheduler

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