How to run apache server if it not already running

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Problem :

I wonder if it is possible to check whether or not apache2 is running. If it is not running I want to execute it using shellscript

Currently I have added a function which I named run_apache which simply goes to the directory with apache2 starts it. I have added this function to my .bashrc file. It will however execute everytime I open a new shell, which I don’t want to unless apache2 is not running already.

Solution :

You can easily get apache2‘s status by launching

/etc/init.d/apache2 status

This will output one of these:

Apache2 is NOT running.
Apache2 is running (pid 10281).

It also happens to give you a valid return status, which you can use in a shell script (and discard its normal output with > /dev/null):

if /etc/init.d/apache2 status > /dev/null;
then echo "Apache already running";
else echo "Apache not running";

I should add that there’s no harm done from trying to start Apache when it’s already running. So /etc/init.d/apache2 start will just say:

Starting web server: apache2httpd (pid 10281) already running

Well, i know it’s too late but someone can need it. I use cygwin with consoleZ.

  1. First, open .bash_aliases file and add these lines

    alias apacheup='cygstart --hide /g/xampp/apache_start.bat'
    alias apachedown='cygstart --hide /g/xampp/apache_stop.bat'
    alias mysqlup='cygstart --hide /g/xampp/mysql_start.bat'
    alias mysqldown='cygstart --hide /g/xampp/mysql_stop.bat'
    alias webup='apacheup && mysqlup'
    alias webdown='apachedown && mysqldown'
    alias webrestart='apachedown && mysqldown && apacheup && mysqlup'

  2. Second, in .bash_functions copy this function

    NC='e[0m' # No Color

    if [[ -n $(ps aux -W | grep httpd.exe) ]]; then
    echo -e "Apache:t"${green}" RUNNING "${NC}
    echo -e "Apache:t"${red}" STOPPED "${NC}

    if [[ -n $(ps aux -W | grep mysqld.exe) ]]; then
    echo -e "MySQL:t"${green}" RUNNING "${NC}
    echo -e "MySQL:t"${red}" STOPPED "${NC}

You could just add to your system’s /etc/rc.local file your Apache startup command which would run it at the very end of the boot process.

There shouldn’t be a need to check if it’s running then because theoretically, it should stay running.

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