How to scrub a document of all text between brackets with find and replace

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I have a log file and I need to find all instances of <password> hash here </password> and remove the hash and replace it with some dummy text like aaa-aaa-aaa-aaaa.

The recurring search argument is anything that matches a bracket that starts with <password> and ends with </password>. All the hashes being replaced will be different.

What’s the easiest way to go a bout this? The log is on a windows machine. Probably easiest would be to use MS word for me, unless it’s achievable with wordpad, notepad, or some other light weight editor like textpad.



You can do it with SciTE (very lightweight), but any editor that supports regular expressions should be fine.

Use the replace feature ->

 Find what - <password>.*</password>
 Replace with - <password>helloWorld</password>

Regular expression – yes


Command line for you

 fart "filepath"  "<password> hash here </password>" "<password>sdasdadaasd</password>" 

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