How to set up a Fireproof backup system?

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How do I setup a backup system for my home network (2 laptops plus some old desktops) that is fireproof?

I would expect there to be lots of network based backup systems that come in a fire safe; however this does not seem to be the case. I am looking for something that is simple that I can just setup and forget about until I need to recover some data.

I know there are a 101 internet based solution, however my upload speed is slow and we get capped in the UK if we use to match bandwidth.


There are MANY off-site backup companies setting up shop these days. Your backup goes out of the building to their data center(s); perfect solution to fire concerns. 🙂

As I said, there are many to choose from, and many offer several gigabytes to home users for free.

Here’s a couple to get you started (not recommending anything):

There are (again) many others you can search for as well. 🙂

Hope that helps.

Check out crashplan.

An issue with fireproofing objects is that they often need to be encased (think of a fireproof safe) to protect them if the room they are in is on fire. So for a backup computer (or external HDD, etc) – how would the they receive electrical power, and how would they be ventilated to prevent overheating?

If you’re serious about backups remember the following (can’t remember the source):
“Don’t have a backup plan, have a recovery plan”

Simply backuping up to a removable HDD or DVD and placing it in a suitable fireproof safe (not all fireproof safes are rated to protect electronic media and/or electronic devices!) might be sufficent to protect your data, but doesn’t hit your “forget” about it criterion.

That said, the danger with a setup-and-forget backup system is you might not notice when it isn’t working, which can be a serious problem.

The best fireproofing for anything (backups included) is for it to be somewhere else entirely.
So, an External HDD / CD / DVD that you leave somewhere safe (work/with a family member/etc) would work, or you could maybe consider looking at an online backup solution.

I would highly recommend the off-site solution. Even if it’s a neighbor’s place, your car, work if permissible. I had a fire in my apartment that destroyed everything. I thought I was ok, since I had a backup of all my data on an external HDD. The irony? It was sitting on top my desktop. 🙁


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