How to start BIOS with only mouse as input device [closed]

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How can I start BIOS with only mouse as an input device.

I have windows xp embedded.


Unfortunately, unlike the installing windows question I helped you with the other day, unless the bios specifically supports using a mouse only, you will need to attach a keyboard to your system and use it temporarily until you have the bios set up.

As a side note, even with bios’s that support a mouse you still likely need to press a key on the keyboard to get in to it. If your embedded device only has one port for a mouse or keyboard I would recommend just unhooking the mouse and use it’s port for the keyboard until you have everything set up.

You say you don’t have a keyboard, then how are you typing this question? Just temporally disconnect the keyboard from your computer and use it for the 10 min you need it, then put it back when you are done.

If you need a perminate solution for remote access to the bios you will need to buy a KVM over IP

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